The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Minist√©rio dos Neg√≥cios Estrangeiros), acting through its General Directorate for Bilateral Cultural Relations (Direc√ß√£o Geral das Rela√ß√Ķes Culturais Bilaterais) coordinates Portuguese cultural activities abroad. It manages the representation of Portugal in international bodies and makes arrangements for bilateral cultural agreements. It also supervises the granting of scholarships in accordance with these agreements.

All international cultural activities are performed in close cooperation with the Cabinet for International Cultural Relations (Gabinete das Rela√ß√Ķes Culturais Internacionais) attached to the State Secretariat for Culture.

The international activities of the Ministry of Education (Minist√©rio da Educa√ß√£o) are aimed at promoting the study of the Portuguese language abroad. It has two bodies engaged in international cultural activities: Foreign Relations Office (Gabinete de Rela√ßoes Internacionais) and the Cam√Ķes Institute (Instituto Cam√Ķes).


8.1 Ministries, authorities and academies
Comiss√£o Nacional da UNESCO
Direc√ß√£o-Geral dos Espect√°culos e das Artes,¬†Pra√ßa dos Restauradores¬†Gabinete de Rela√ß√Ķes Internacionais
Minist√©rio da Educa√ß√£o¬†Direc√ß√£o-Geral das Rela√ß√Ķes Culturais Bilaterais
Presidencia do Conselho de Ministros Rua Prof. Gomes Teixeira
8.2 Central cultural institutions Arquivos Nacionais
Torre do Tombo Alameda da Universidade
Cinemateca Portuguesa Instituto Português da Biblioteca Nacional e do Livro Rua Ocidental ao Campo Grande 83
Instituto Portugues da Arte Cinematogr√°fica e do Audiovisual
Rua de S. Pedro de Alc√Ęntara, 45, 1o
Instituto Portugues do Património Arquitectónico e Arqueológico

8.3 Associations
Federação Portuguesa das Colectividades de Cultura e Recreio

Presidente da Rep√ļblica recebeu Confedera√ß√£o Portuguesa das Colectividades - NOT√ćCIAS - PRESIDENCIA.PT


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* This monograph is based on a selection of data from the Cultural Policies Data Bank and on the documents collected by the Documentation Centre for Cultural Development and Cooperation, Culturelink. The original draft, written by Borko Augustin, has been revised by the Cabinet for International Cultural Relations, State Secretariat for Culture, Portugal. It has also been revised by Daniela Angelina Jelincic, Culturelink, IMO in 1999.